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Indy’s Services was founded because Indy saw a need for administrative assistance for small and start-up businesses. Unfortunately, most small companies cannot afford to compete for talented, professional, executive-level administrators. If they did hire an assistant that could juggle all of the tasks and had the quality desired, it could seriously put them at a financial risk. Moreover, most didn’t really need full-time assistance, but quality in just a few hours a week.

We know entrepreneurs are incredibly busy and administrative work may be a necessary evil of the business, but it may not be your strong skill set. That’s where Indy’s can help! We partner with you to do the behind the scenes activities, freeing you to do the money making activities – the part you do best.

We have over 20 years of administrative experience, 15 years of graphics and marketing experience and an intricate knowledge of business administration. We exist to serve our clients with all we’ve got. Indy’s clients speak to our talent, reliability, and our partnership with them.

Nicole “Indy” Beus ~ Owner & Designer

Nicole started Indy’s Services at the beginning of 2006. She took her administrative experience of 15+ years and offered Virtual Assistance plus some in office visits to the small business owners she knew and companies she had worked for that were downsizing. She originally gained her administrative experience starting in her early teens doing filing for a DA’s office. Her first real job was as the administrative assistant to a small business owner and the lead sales manager. She has since worked for companies of various sizes, including a Fortune 100, and was an Executive Assistant.

Also as an Art History major in college with a strong basic design background, Nicole leads the graphics division in the development and design process. She has over 10 years of design experience for small businesses and advertising experience with a Fortune 100 company. Her portfolio includes extensive print design and web design and she is always researching new trends, styles, and techniques to lead Indy’s Graphics and the design team.

If you need an assistant who has an eye for detail, is a multi-tasker, can be trusted, and consistently under-promises and over-delivers – then you need to call Nicole and her team at Indy’s.