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In todays marketplace, businesses need all the help they can get, but having full-time administrative, graphics, or marketing staffs may not be realistic. That's where Indy’s Services steps in. We are a full-service Virtual Assistance company, but we don't stop there. For our clients in the Baltimore-Washington area we offer our assistance in person when needed. That's how we've been nicely dubbed the “Virtual Assistants Plus”.

Business owners, how much time are you spending on non-billable tasks? This is one of the most important questions that you can ask yourself in regards to your business planning. In most situations, businesses are better off financially when they hire a Virtual Assistant to complete the non-billable tasks than they are doing themselves. Give your administrative, graphics, and marketing tasks to Indy's to handle, while you do what you do best... and bring in more money because you've completed more billable hours or sales.

Indys Services has serviced many of its’ clients for years, building up expertise in various fields and building up strong relationships with the owners, staff, and clients of those companies. Our clients testimonies speak to our professionalism, our ability to save them money, and our depth of skill. Please call us today for a free evaluation of your needs and our solutions for your company.

See how Indys Services can help your business grow by serving you with attention to detail, understanding your vision and plans, and by following the golden rule.



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